The benefits of a rectangular conference table

Nov 04 , 2022
1. There is no backer behind the seat
Many high-end offices now have bright floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the buildings, with a sense of superiority. Some people like to place the desk parallel to the window, set the seat between the desk and the floor-to-ceiling window, and use the window as a backer, so the position of the desk is also wrong. Having a window behind the seat is just as unusable as having a door behind the seat. The window is the entrance to light and air, and the theory is the same as avoiding sitting and leaning against the door.
First, adjust the desk position; The second is to choose a seat with a high backrest.
2. It is easy to sit in the aisle or next to the window
A window is an air intake into the house that incorporates anger or anger, but a window with a pedestrian walkway outside the window will not only incorporate the noise coming and going, but also the footsteps of pedestrians, noise, and other noises that interfere with your work. If the desk is placed next to the window where pedestrians pass, it is equivalent to placing the writing desk under some shape; If you need to study the company's secrets, you will naturally worry about some miscellaneous people prying in. Working at this kind of desk near the window will not settle down.
The solution is that the writing desk should be as far away from the window as possible, and the distance away from the window is that the person in the aisle cannot see the documents on the desk clearly. At the same time, it is also necessary to use curtains, often use curtains to cover the window, to avoid the shaking figures outside the window from affecting the thinking of workers.
3. People will sit with their backs to the door
If the desk is placed near the door, people sit behind the door, this is the first basic point to be avoided in the desk placement, the door is the necessary place for people to enter, is the air outlet of the office, and is also the place to accept anger, including anger and anger. If people sit with their backs to the door, there is no reliance behind the seat, and there are people behind the miscellaneous impact, for a long time, the office staff sitting in this position will often be in a subconscious state of tension, sometimes always feel as if someone is peeping, resulting in chaotic thoughts, decision-making mistakes, can not do everything well, always feel frivolous, and even kidney function is not good, back pain, work encounters villains, etc.
This situation is called 'cold wind blowing back' in feng shui.
The first solution is to adjust the position of the desk and change to a position that is not sitting with the door behind the door; But for small staff in the office, it is not easy to adjust the position of the desk, because many desk positions are placed because of the needs of the work, then we can choose a chair with a backrest to sit, so that the back is not only leaned, but also blocks the impact of miscellaneous gas.
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