What kind of material is suitable for the choice of custom office furniture

Feb 22 , 2022

       Panel office furniture can be divided into four main research materials: different particle board, MDF, ecological board and solid wood multi-layer board. At this stage, office furniture is mainly made of pellets. The main reason for the choice is that the enterprise environmental protection correlation coefficient is high, which can reach EO level, the material is relatively stable, and the cost management is relatively low.

      Solid wood office furniture multi-layer board, also known as plywood, is a layer after layer of solid wood adhesive.


         When it comes to customizing ecological boards for office furniture, many people have heard of it, but few people know it. Ecological boards were called wooden boards in the past, people paid attention to environmental protection, and enterprises called them ecological boards to meet the needs of consumers.

        There is no need to say more about the so-called MDF here. He makes wood into a small powder and compresses it together. At present, MDF is mainly used as a door panel in the market, and there are few wardrobes.


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