Office furniture custom table board type conference table deodorization method

Jan 18 , 2022

       It is not new to have a smell on the custom desk of office furniture, especially the painted desk that was just bought. And it also contains a lot of harmful substances. If the painting is used directly if it is not handled properly, it will easily affect the health and bring about respiratory diseases. Therefore, we need to take some reasonable measures to deal with such odors and harmful substances together. remove.

       The peculiar smell on the desk is mainly from the paint-releasing materials. This home is full of crux. Formaldehyde can be removed by using formaldehyde-dissolving enzyme, and a spray-type formaldehyde-dissolving enzyme can be purchased to cover the desk. Spray it, and if the result is not very noticeable at one time, you can try to use it several times until the odor is completely removed.

      This kind of method can be said to be very quick and quick, burn a bucket of warm water, put in the appropriate amount of vinegar, and the amount of vinegar should be based on the strong vinegar smell that can be smelled after mixing, and then do all the work on the desk. The cleaning center does not need to use any other detergents, wait for a period of time after scrubbing, wait for the vinegar to infiltrate the paint surface, analyze harmful substances, and then rinse with clean water.   

        Although there are many ways to remove formaldehyde, they are not professional enough, and sometimes, except for desks, all indoor formaldehyde needs to be eliminated, so the best way is to hire a professional space purification company. , Through their equipment and professional means, it seems that the space and office furniture are purified at one time by removing formaldehyde.

        Today, board conference tables are widely studied and used in the development of enterprises. However, as a purchase of a listed company in China, before we can choose conference tables for our company, do you know the benefits of board conference tables?

       The board-type conference table has the advantages that the conference table made of other materials does not have. For example, the conference table made of this material not only has a novel appearance, but also has a relatively cheap price, is also very convenient to disassemble, and is not difficult to transport. Especially in the era of rapid development of the market economy, corporate relocation is a common phenomenon. Whenever a company relocates, it will be accompanied by large-scale dismantling of office furniture, especially the office furniture in conference rooms is large and heavy, which is very inconvenient to carry. .

       Due to the high degree of finishing of the board conference table, enterprises can customize production according to their own specific conditions, you can customize according to the company's office environment or meeting room size requirements, in addition, the board conference table is within the narrow meeting area. Showing aesthetics can improve the utilization efficiency of meeting space, which is an advantage that other office furniture materials do not have.

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