Southeast Asian style soft clothing saves your office

Jul 06 , 2022

In recent years, while retaining the essence of traditional Asian culture and Chinese culture, the Southeast Asian style has gradually incorporated Western modern concepts. As a consumer, what should you do if you want to change the style of your office but don't want to tear down the floor and smash the wall? We can also soft-furnish the already renovated office. What does softwear mean? The elements of soft decoration include furniture, decorative paintings, ceramics, flowers and green plants, fabrics, lighting, other decorative ornaments, etc. We can achieve our purpose by making full use of indoor soft decoration. First, let’s take a look at what Southeast Asian style decoration looks like.

The shapes that best reflect the Southeast Asian style are the shapes of the doors and windows, as well as the use of furniture and decorative items in the house. The use of furniture and decorative paintings in the house belongs to the category of our interior soft decoration. Below, we analyze one by one.

First of all, most Southeast Asian-style furniture is woven from a mixture of two or more different materials. The contrast of materials, such as rattan and wood chips, rattan and bamboo strips, differs in width, narrowness, depth and lightness between the materials, thus forming an interesting contrast.

The use of various weaving techniques turns the furniture piece into a handmade work of art. For office soft furnishings, every detail is worth savoring. Secondly, in terms of color, the Southeast Asian furniture with Chinese-style design is mainly dark, such as dark brown, black, etc., which makes people feel calm and atmospheric. Influenced by the western design style, light colors are more common, such as pearl color, milk white, etc., giving people a soft feeling. The elephant stool in the picture is a typical Southeast Asian style in terms of shape, but it is made of rattan and wood, which shows the characteristics of Southeast Asian style.

At the same time, the western lifestyle that pursues comfort has made the living room in Southeast Asia less of the program concept in the oriental culture. The furniture that conforms to the human body, the materials with warm touch, and the free and practical space layout make the overall style increasingly fresh and natural.

It should be said that the wall in the office can be decorated with wall decoration paintings, which should be said to be the current fashion, but this does not affect the charm of Southeast Asia. First of all, in terms of color, the pattern of the decorative painting is dark brown. Pairing with a light-colored wall can accentuate the style, and if it is a dark-colored wall, it can also be coordinated.

There are also some Southeast Asian style table and floor lamps to dress up our office. Choosing office lighting with obvious Southeast Asian style features can bring together the visual points in the house, and such decorations can have a good effect without a lot of them.

Some Southeast Asian-style tabletop decorations are also the category when we consider interior soft decoration. These decorations can instantly transform your desk into Southeast Asian style. If it is placed with a Southeast Asian-style table, it must be the highlight of the interior.

If you have already selected the sofa, then I still have a way. See the pillows above, just put a few on the sofa, as long as the color conflict is not too big. All can make the sofa into a Southeast Asian style.

Nowadays, many people like to decorate their offices with Southeast Asian style, which can reflect the beautiful and dreamy nature of nature. Due to the limitations of the existing office decoration style, most people just sigh and sigh. In fact, as long as we make good use of the characteristics of soft decoration, make full use of indoor soft decoration in the later stage, and buy some furniture, soft lighting, decorative paintings or desktop decorations with Southeast Asian characteristics, we can decorate our existing office into another style. Another advantage of soft clothing is that it can save costs and be green.

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