Home Improvement Trends 2022: Eco-Friendly and Southeast Asian Style

Jul 06 , 2022

 Longing for nature and advocating nature has become a new concept for people's home decoration. In home decoration, it is an indisputable fact that most residents advocate nature, simplicity and environmental protection. People yearn for nature and actively devote themselves to nature, which is a manifestation of human instinct.

  For example, more and more natural materials are now included in the bathroom space planning. Wood, stone, rattan art, etc. have broken through the law that they should not be used as bathroom products; synthetic materials are even more colorful: waterproof wallpaper, waterproof paint, metal mosaic, New technologies such as colored ceramics and self-cleaning glaze have broken through the bathroom decorated with white ceramics and become the mainstream of home decoration. In terms of wallpaper planning, taking flowers and plants as the planning theme is still the mainstream trend of wallpaper planning.

  Judging from the prevailing trend in 2021, environmental protection has become a hot topic in the flooring industry.

  In 2022, people have a new understanding of home decoration. In addition to being beautiful, simple and environmentally friendly, people are more and more in love with the romantic Southeast Asian style.

  With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more people are indulging in the dialogue between man and nature, including plants, trees, rocks and soil, flowers, birds, insects and fish, so the pursuit of green design and plant embellishment has become a new fashion . In the family, it is very particular to decorate the interior with foliage plants. First, pay attention to forming an organic whole with the surrounding environment, atmosphere and artistic conception; secondly, pay attention to clear layers, alternating high and low, proper density and well-arranged. Front decoration: On both sides of the light-transmitting door, some vines, cyclamen, etc. can be placed on each side to express the meaning of welcoming guests. One or two pots of bamboo, rhododendrons, etc. can be placed in front of the more spacious doors, so that guests will have a refreshing feeling as soon as they enter the door.

  In recent years, Southeast Asian-style home design has swept the world and has become the focus of fashion home furnishing. Southeast Asian style emphasizes returning to nature, being relaxed and casual, and the less traces of carving, the better. In pursuit of a natural and relaxed life, the orderly arrangement of the log ceiling, the smooth wooden floor and the characteristic carpet; the display of ornaments with southern colors are all typical forms of this style. In terms of design, most of them use simple and neat design to create a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Southeast Asian furniture pursues gorgeous and exaggerated visual effects in decoration, which is in sharp contrast with its natural furniture, and the overall atmosphere is fragrant, gorgeous and intoxicating.

  As the concept of environmental protection continues to take root in the hearts of the people, the majority of people have different styles of home furnishing. People often pursue designs that are different and closer to nature, which is due to the improvement of the concept of environmental protection. Therefore, the design style of Southeast Asia quickly entered the attention of the masses, because it is based on natural materials, a comfortable seat, a solid wood dining table with a natural color, a pair of coconut shell-shaped trinkets, etc., all bring a strong sense to the residents. Strong natural fragrance. The unique Southeast Asian fabrics also add magical colors to the monotonous family atmosphere, and the dazzling array of fabrics will make people's souls go to the sacred hall.

  Most of the furniture in Southeast Asia is made of local materials. The furniture is mainly in the color of the log, and the rattan, coconut shell, bark, sandstone, etc. are integrated into it. Not only is the material full of romantic style, but also highlights a strong sense of nature in terms of color and details.

  The natural materials and gorgeous colors are the whole of the Southeast Asian home style, coupled with its simple ethnic customs and the mysterious color of the home, it will make your eyes shine.

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