Desk considerations

Oct 20 , 2022
The desk is divided into a solid wood desk, a solid wood desk and a wood-based panel desk.
When purchasing, you should pay attention to the following five aspects:
1. Surface quality. When choosing a desk, look at whether the panels on the surface of the furniture materials have scratches, indentations, bubbling, degumming and peeling and glue marks. Pay attention to whether the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth.
2. Production quality. Whether the edges of the wooden furniture are flat and the angle is very accurate; The decorative parts of the edges and surfaces depend on whether the decorative parts are evenly glued, whether the bonding is firm, and whether the trimming is smooth and smooth; Whether the end face of the visible parts such as the lower mouth of the parts, door panels, drawer panels, etc. is edge banding; The assembly part should be based on whether the drilling hole is exquisite and neat, and whether the connection is firm after installation; Whether the gap between the door and drawer is too large, the general requirements are between 1.5mm and 2.0mm, and whether the door and the drawer are flexible and free.
3. The quality of metal parts and plastic parts. The quality of metal parts also determines the intrinsic quality of the furniture inside the wooden furniture. Metal parts require dexterity, smoothness, surface plating treatment, no rust, burrs, etc., and the accuracy requirements of the mating parts should be high. Plastic parts should be beautiful in shape, bright in color, and the force part in use should have strength and elasticity, not too thin. Open connectors require flexible rotation and no friction sound.
4. Main size. The main dimensions of furniture (i.e., functional dimensions) are required by national standards. For example, the large wardrobe stipulates that the space depth in the hanging wardrobe should be greater than or equal to 530mm, the spacing between the upper edge of the hanging stick of the hanging coat and the surface on the bottom plate should be greater than or equal to 1400mm, the table furniture should be 680mm ~ 760mm, of which the middle clearance height of the middle drawer of the desk should be greater than or equal to 580mm, and the clearance height between the layers of the bookcase should be greater than or equal to 230mm ~ 310mm. If the furniture is smaller than the specified size, it will bring many inconveniences when using it and affect the use.
5. Limit the amount of harmful substances in wooden furniture. The harmful substances present in furniture are mainly free formaldehyde released from wood-based panels and adhesives, as well as soluble lead, chromium, cadmium and mercury in furniture paint films.
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