Modern furniture custom colorful

Mar 28 , 2022

        When choosing a modern piece of custom-style furniture, its color scheme is also important. You must know that color also has its own character and style. Let the color of different characters "you help me, I help you", let's change the dull office atmosphere, colorful.

        Modern furniture customization in warm colors gives people a warm, lively, and warm feeling, but at the same time, it also makes objects feel larger and smaller, so it is not suitable for spaces with little sense of space and compact furniture arrangements.

       Cool colors give people a sense of calm, elegance and solemnity. They also make items smaller and the space feel wider. Cool colors are suitable for smaller spaces.

       Neutral tones give a serious and rational feel, and can be used with any color and can be used in a wide range.


      Here are some custom colors that are widely used in modern furniture:

      Modern contemporary furniture is custom made in about 5 shades: black, grey, brown, dark red and pure blue. Usually, different kinds of gray are used for desks; black and brown are used for executive chairs and reception room tables and chairs; pure blue and dark red are mostly used for office chairs. Because blue is elegant and not blind; red is solemn and lively; black and brown have always given people a sense of dignity. Decorating a conference room with them will prompt you to focus on your thinking.

      In the office, each color has its own language, and it conveys a certain psychological message to your colleagues and clients. For example, black gives people a sense of loneliness, but at the same time there is a kind of nobility and solemnity; brown makes people feel old-fashioned, but different shades of brown are not only old-fashioned, but also have a bit of elegance; red and pink are too popular. With calm and cool colors, it can show more youth and liveliness; the original white earth is too simple, if you hold hands with happy and warm colors, you can easily show your elegance.

      Lavender and sky blue give a quiet feel; magenta and royal blue make you bright; sauce purple and moon white are elegant; pink and natural white convey youth; dark brown and light yellow can make you look more mature; light Gray and jet black are solemn; vermilion and black can attract each other's attention; dark green and khaki are a natural combination; sea blue and light blue make people feel comfortable; as for bright yellow and jet black, they can give people jumping beauty.

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